Curious how other people felt about working with me?

’Denise showed a great level of maturity in her work at TandemLaunch. She quickly understood that she would receive directions and goals to achieve, but have limited guidance on how to get those and she geared her work accordingly in a very professional way. She, being extremely well organized, autonomously developed procedures and best practices to perform the tasks she was assigned, and consistently delivered more than what she was asked for. ’
– TandemLaunch supervisor, 2018

’Denise keeps the goal in mind. Also the planning: very well done. On top of that, Denise shows she cares about the assignment by working hard. Denise has a great personality and it would be a pleasure to work with her anytime.’
– IBIS Teacher, 2018

‘I have seen Denise resolve a conflict regarding the market strategy. She gave useful insights and opinions: this way the group had another perspective about the topic and came to a solution. ‘
– IBIS Project team-mate, 2017

‘Once out of the comfort zone she’s willing to face everything. There is nothing that will stop her, and that’s a brave characteristic to have.’
– Co-worker, 2017

‘Denise always aims for the higher goal; somehow she sets the bar high for yourself, and I like that. I like working with people who aim higher and actually try to reach their goal.’
– IBIS Supervisor, 2017

‘As far I have seen, when it comes to work Denise puts on a smile and does what needs to be done in order to get it done. She also provides inner motivation for herself and others.’
– IBIS Project team-mate, 2016